The story behind my passion


 I am the founder of Loafing Around LLC, a boutique bakery business located in Hartford CT. I am a member of the Bread Bakers Guild of America . I supply some cafes and coffee shops with my quality baked goods derived from premium organic flour. Individual loaves of sourdough for retail will include heritage or heirloom grain which I mill. I approach my bread baking as a visual artist, painting my dough canvas with a variety of spices, grains, meats, cheeses and vegetables.


My love of cooking was a gift from my mom, who consistently created meals which reflected her love of food and family. When I had my own family, I continued the tradition by feeding both their bellies and souls.  Now as a small business owner. I collaborate with my beloved patrons to offer a variety of baked goods which align with my mission to provide unique, delicious and environmentally conscious foods. As a member of the International Association of Women and the eWomenNetwork-Greater Hartford Chapter, it is my future goal, to mentor women and to help them reach their career goals.


The mission for Loafing Around is to offer products which focus on healthy, unique, delicious and compassionate foods for the discerning palate. Every product is created with a dash of creativity whisked with the finest ingredients-creating food which brings the heart of communities together. 


I am looking to facilitate more Interfaith bread projects and to teach the art of sourdough baking. I have two books in mind to write: How Bread Saved my Life and Who said you Can't?